Retrieves a phylogeny via the Fish Tree of Life API. If neither `species` nor `rank` are specified, returns the entire phylogeny.

  type = c("chronogram", "phylogram", "chronogram_mrca", "phylogram_mrca")



(Optionally) subset the results based on a vector of species names.


(Optionally) subset the results based on the supplied taxonomic rank.


Either `"chronogram"` or `"phylogram"`. A chronogram has branch lengths proportional to units of time, while a phylogram has branch lengths proportional to the amount of character change. When retrieving a phylogeny by rank, and that rank is not recovered as monophyletic, acceptable types also include `"chronogram_mrca"` and `"phylogram_mrca"`, which returns a tree with *all* species descending from the common ancestor of species in the specified rank.


An object of class `"phylo"`.


For maximum interoperability, `species` considers spaces and underscores equivalently. Internally, the phylogenies use underscores.


Rabosky, D. L., Chang, J., Title, P. O., Cowman, P. F., Sallan, L., Friedman, M., Kashner, K., Garilao, C., Near, T. J., Coll, M., Alfaro, M. E. (2018). An inverse latitudinal gradient in speciation rate for marine fishes. Nature, 559(7714), 392–395. doi:10.1038/s41586-018-0273-1

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if (FALSE) { # Get a phylogeny for a taxonomic rank surgeons <- fishtree_phylogeny(rank = "Acanthuridae") # Get a phylogeny for only certain species genomic_fish <- c("Oryzias latipes", "Tetraodon nigroviridis", "Gasterosteus aculeatus", "Danio rerio") fishtree_phylogeny(species = genomic_fish) # Chronograms may not be ultrametric due to numerical precision issues # Consider using phytools::force.ultrametric ape::is.ultrametric(surgeons) ape::is.ultrametric(surgeons, tol = 0.00001) # Difference between MRCA trees and regular trees gobies_mrca <- fishtree_phylogeny(rank = "Gobiidae", type = "chronogram_mrca") gobies <- fishtree_phylogeny(rank = "Gobiidae", type = "chronogram") # MRCA trees will have more tips for non-monophyletic groups length(gobies_mrca$tip.label) > length(gobies$tip.label) # Drop rogue tips in the MRCA tree rogue_gobies <- fishtree_rogues("Gobiidae") pruned_gobies <- ape::drop.tip(gobies_mrca, rogue_gobies) # Now the trees are identical setequal(gobies$tip.label, pruned_gobies$tip.label) }